How do I void an expense?

You bought those pink beads for your business and realize that you need the need silver ones instead. Then you voided the payment you made. You don't want to just leave the amount you paid on there, but you don't want the voided amount to show up as income. What do you do?

The way to void a transaction that doesn't count as income is to make a negative expense. This way it counts against your expenses, but doesn't count as income.

Find instructions on adding a void manually below. 

1. Go to your Expenses
2. Click on "Add Transaction" button
3. Fill out the exact information of the transaction you want to void, except for the amount.
4. When you add the amount, put a negative (-) sign in front of the amount. 


For example: 

If the transaction was to Harry on 5/1/2012 for Office Supplies at $20.00.
You would then put the 5/1/2012, Harry, Office Supplies.
When you get to the amount instead of $20.00 you would put in -20.00.
(You might also want to put in Void in the Description)


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