Online Bookkeeping and Harvest

At GoDaddy Bookkeeping we worked hard with the team at Harvest to help our shared customers get paid more efficiently.  

Here’s the gist:

  1. Track your time and bill your clients through Harvest
  2. Connect your Harvest account to GoDaddy Bookkeeping once, then watch as all of your outstanding invoices and received payments come into GoDaddy Bookkeeping every night.
  3. Get back to running your business

Here’s how it works.

First link Harvest to GoDaddy Bookkeeping. To do so, please follow these directions:

1)  Click "MANAGE"

2)  Click "Add an Account."




3)  Select "Harvest (Invoicing)" from the list of Ecommerce & Invoicing partners.




5) Enter in your Harvest log in credentials. Refer to your for the correct credentials.

6) Click "Add this account" and you’re done. GoDaddy Bookkeeping will now pull in your Harvest invoices every night.




NOTE: Your Harvest "Username" is the email that is tied to your Harvest account.


NOTE: All transactions imported from "Harvest" will show up under "Other transactions." Although you can track your expenses in Harvest, only invoices will be imported into GoDaddy Bookkeeping. We suggest linking the account used to pay for your expenses or you can manually enter your expenses into GoDaddy Bookkeeping. To manually enter transactions, please refer to this article:

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