How do I edit multiple transactions?

Do you have a lot of transactions that you're wanting to categorize all at once?   No problem.  To start editing multiple transactions, first click the "Edit Multiple" button, notice checkable boxes appear right of each transaction.  Just check the boxes next to the transactions you'd like to change, or use the blank "check" box at the top of the column to select all of the transactions on that page.  Once you check boxes you'll be presented with the option to change the name of the contact, change the category, or change the description.  Note, whichever you choose will make the change for all selected transactions



In this case, let's say you had two transactions that were not yet categorized (they defaulted to the "Uncategorized" category.)  Simply select from your list of categories the one which best applies.

Once you click save, the transactions you just changed will update.

Combine this new functionality with our new filtering functions at the top of the income and expense pages, and you'll quickly be able to make wholesale changes to transactions in GoDaddy Bookkeeping.

  • Do you have transactions with long Contact names (e.g. Aqui Restaurant Campbell) that you'd like to shorten (e.g. Aqui)?  Use the Filter by vendor drop down to see all of your transactions for that Contact, check the box at the top of the column (to the left of the Date column), click "Edit" and change the name accordingly
  • Do you have a lot of un-categorized transactions?  Use the filter by category drop down menu and select the "not sure" category.  Now check the boxes next to any transactions that should be categorized the same way, click "Edit" at the top of the checkbox column, and change the category accordingly.
  • Have you miscategrozed a large amount of transactions you want to reclassify? You can use the filters to create an entire list of items you want to recategorize. Once you have used the filters to create an entire list you can use the "Select All" feauture to check the entire list. Once you have used the "Select All" feature click the "Edit" button to recatogorize the entire list. At the top of every list there is a checkbox directly to the left of the Date. Please see the checkbox circled in red in the image above that identifies the location of the "Select All" feature. 
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