How does eBay bill users for a paid GoDaddy Bookkeeping subscription?

Confused by a charge for GoDaddy Bookkeeping on your eBay monthly invoice? Read below for details on how eBay's billing structure works, and why you may have received such a charge.

eBay invoices users on either the 15th or the last day of every month. This billing cycle remains the same for all of your eBay charges - take a look at your last monthly invoice to see if you're billed on the 15th or the last of the month.

When eBay bills your account, it will show up as something along the lines of 'Monthly Statement' (even if you've signed up for an annual subscription).  When your charge for GoDaddy Bookkeeping goes through, you'll see it listed as one of the line items on your monthly invoice.


Here's how the charge is calculated:

When you sign up for a paid GoDaddy Bookkeeping account, you start a seven-day free trial of the product.  It might look like you are paying right away, but you will not be asked to pay until your free trial is over.  The 8th day marks the first day that you can be billed for the product, and the beginning of your subscription. Because eBay only charges on the 15th or the last of the month, you won't necessarily receive a charge on the 8th day. Rather, eBay calculates the per-day cost of GoDaddy Bookkeeping from the day your trial ends until your next monthly invoice, and adds that amount to the charge for your next invoice.


So, when you sign up for the paid GoDaddy Bookkeeping plan, you have a seven-day free trial, and somewhere between 1 and 30 days until your eBay invoice is prepared. Your invoice will show a total that consists of those 1-30 day charges, plus either your next monthly subscription charge OR the amount for the remaining months of your annual subscription. About 15 days after you see the charge for GoDaddy Bookkeeping on your monthly invoice, you'll see the charge taken out of your PayPal account.


Let's look at an example:

Joe subscribes to the annual subscription of GoDaddy Bookkeeping on 3/1, and is billed on the 15th of every month. His free trial ends on 3/8.

On 3/15, Joe receives his monthly invoice.  The line item for GoDaddy Bookkeeping will consist of the sum of the daily charges for the seven days between when his free trial ended and when eBay initiated billing for his account, plus the cost of the other 11 months of Joe's subscription. Daily rate is simply the annual cost divided by 365.

After payment, Joe won't be charged again for GoDaddy Bookkeeping until his first year's subscription is over, on 2/15 of the next year.



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