How Do I Print?

There are four major areas where you might want to print: Income, Expenses, Reports, and Taxes.

Starting with Income and Expenses: “Print Page” allows you to print the current sheet that you are viewing from the ledger. Each sheet in the ledger is broken up into about 50 transactions. To print more than 50 transactions click where it says "Load More" and another 50 transactions will be loaded. Click this as many times as necessary to load all transactions. Also, you can filter by category, payee and date range to lower the amount of transactions. Below is an image of the "Print Page" and "Load More" buttons:




Reports will always be one simple print, and can be printed by clicking on “Print Report” at the bottom of Reports page as seen below. To make sure that you print the report that contains the most information, select "Table" view and then adjust your "View by" sections as pictured below: 



You can print out your Schedule C information by clicking on the "Schedule C Worksheet" button under the Taxes Tab.




Then scroll down and click on the "Print Summary" button as seen below:



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