How do I know my data is safe and secure?

We jump through a number of hoops to make sure your information is safe and secure on GoDaddy Bookkeeping:

  • All data is transferred to our servers via bank-level 128-bit SSL encryption our service is monitored and verified through TRUSTe and GoDaddy.


  • Once you are logged into the site and ready to view or enter data, you can see the 'https' at the beginning of each page URL and the closed lock in the browser status bar. This is the same technology (called secure socket layer) used by online stores that capture credit card information.
  • Once your data lives on an GoDaddy server / database, it is protected with 256-bit data encryption.
  • Your financial transactions, but not your login credentials, live on our servers and are protected by various, bank level security best practices.
  • The site itself is password protected and that password is stored in an encrypted format that even we can't read.
  • All information is backed up on an hourly basis, so it won't get lost if the service goes down for a little while.
Plus, we believe strongly that your data belongs to you. For that reason, we provide the ability for you to export all of the data you've entered in a simple, comma-separated format, which is basically a text file that can be read by any spreadsheet or text-editing program.
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